Reflexology and Lymph Drainage
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Reflexology Lymph Drainage

REFLEXOLOGY, (What can it do? please click this box for more information)

There is a corresponding reflex on the foot for every part of the body and Reflexology, whether used on its own or along with conventional medicine can help with the relief of many conditions Reflexology improves blood circulation and the efficient functioning of the nervous system, lymphatic system, kidneys, colon and skin. The effects of Reflexology can be extremely relaxing and people have been known to fall asleep during treatment.

With this in mind Reflexology is very good at countering the effects of stress and tension and with the knowledge that a very large
percentage of illnesses are stress related this tells us that Reflexology can be of benefit to a majority of people.

Reflexology is thought to be particularly effective in treating problems such as backache, migraine, menstrual problems, allergies
and insomnia. Reflexologists do not claim to cure any major disorders but the relaxing effects of Reflexology are known to be
beneficial for people with diseases such as Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

The initial appointment includes a consultation, where health factors, lifestyle etc are taken into account before a treatment can
commence. The first appointment can last about an hour and subsequent appointments around 45 minutes but these can vary with
the client’s needs.
Costs are £30 per treatment or 4 for £100, gift cards are also available if you would like to treat someone to this wonderful experience.

From 2019 Reflexology for Lymph Drainage, suitable for anyone with Lymphoedema, Oedema and Lipodema now available.

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