Medi-Pedi / Dr's Remedy Podiatry Polish
Podiatry plus Dr's Remedy Polish-existing patient
Dr's Remedy added on to any Podiatry appointment

Brand new and exiting development in foot care. Combines a Podiatric medical appointment and an application of Dr's Remedy nail polish, the first polish to be designed by Doctors for Podiatry use. If you have corns, callus, verruccas, split heels or problematic nails and also like your feet finished to perfection this is the appointment for you. (Medical Pedicure- diabetic friendly)

Dr's Remedy is the first polish designed by Doctors and given the American Podiatry seal of approval. They are safe for patients with diabetes, children and ladies who are pregnant. They are organic, vegan and can be used in combination with your fungal nail treatment, as they are water permeable and contain antifungal and antibacterial agents. A healthy alternative to nail varnish! Available in Gorseinon, Sketty, Llanelli and on house calls.