Luxury Podiatry and Opulence Package
£35 / £50

Luxury Podiatry is the ultimate luxury foot treatment from our team of qualified Podiatrists is tailored to suit each individuals foot and medical needs. The luxury treatment includes a foot soak, exfoliate and full Podiatry treatment, followed by a foot and lower leg massage and nourishing nail treatment. This 40 minute treatment is suitable for those looking for that added bit of luxury, it will soothe away tension and visibly transform your feet to perfection. Also suitable for patients with Diabetes-Please book, Diabetic Luxury Podiatry.
The Opulence Foot Treatment-We brought you the ultimate luxury foot treatment-now introducing our Opulence Treatment! A Luxury Podiatry treatment with extended foot massage, followed by a Prende warm wax treatment to leave you walking on air. Please allow an hour for this treatment.