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Our sports team at Crossroads Clinic consists of Musculoskeletal Podiatrists, Podiatric Acupuncturist, Sports and Swedish Massage Therapists, Osteopaths and Sports Therapists, who work together to provide a whole range of treatment options for each individual patient. Whether its day to day pain, a sports injury or you’re a professional athlete that requires gait analysis and bespoke orthoses, we have the full range available to you at Crossroads Clinic. Dynamic Motion Wales (DMW), run by Mr Derek Protheroe, provides a large range of treatments at our sports clinic, DMW has experience of assessing and treating professional athletes, please see our separate page for more information.

“Book your appointment now to avoid injuries or for a quicker return to sport”.

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Sports Massage / Remedial Massage


£20 for 1.

To relive pain, speed up healing and improve range of motion in the lower limb. Post injury or pre match applications are also available.


An appointment with our Musculoskeletal specialist to assess your gait, range of movement and foot and leg function. We will then be able to devise the best course of action to either prevent sports injuries or to help with foot, leg or back pain. Please note you will need to book for an initial assessment for every new presenting condition.

Now available at Crossroads Clinic, Sports and Remedial Massage, please contact Lauren Herbert for more information and bookings


This can be very valuable for runners in analysing how efficient their running style is, to help prevent any unwanted, potential injuries. Not only is this a valuable tool for sports persons but this can be utilised for children and adults of all ages to assist in assessing any posture related problems, lower back, hip, knee, leg or foot pain.

We stock a large range of sports specific orthoses. Orthoses can improve lower limb alignment, prevent injury and enhance performance.

(from) £21


We stock a simple every day arch support that can be used to help alleviate arch pain, heel pain or general everyday aches and pains.

(please ring as prices vary)


Steroid injections are now available at the Gorseinon Clinic with Musculoskeletal Specialist Derek Protheroe. These can be beneficial for a range of conditions such as Mortons Neuroma and Plantarfaciitis.


Lower limb taping carried out by our podiatrists before a match or training session.


Bright coloured lower limb taping, as seen on professional athletes, supports the body naturally, waterproof and can be worn for a number of days.


Podiatric acupuncture can be used as therapy to treat conditions of the lower limbs.