Holistic Therapy

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Holistic Therapy is a term used for any treatment that is designed to treat the person as a whole, on all levels. This includes a wide range of treatments including various massages Reflexology and Reiki. Here, you will not only experience the benefits of your chosen treatment, but the relaxing effect on your mind and body. All rooms are kept at a comfortable temperature, calming music is played whilst you relax on our medical grade treatment couches. Our therapists are all trained to a professional standard and work continuously to keep their skills updated. They are all registered members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Association of Beauty Therapists (ABT) or Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners (AHCP).


This deep tissue massage helps to relieve tension and muscular pain. In a warm room, oils massage away your stress whilst you listening to sounds of the sea with soft flickering candles. Pressure can be adapted for clients wishing for a more relaxing experience. (55 mins)


Deep tissue massage working on the back, neck and shoulder to relieve tension and help ease aches and pains. Pressure can be adapted for clients wishing for a more relaxing experience.


Warm basalt stones are incorporated into this truly holistic, full body massage. Stones are placed along energy points, whilst warmed oils massage away your stress. Soft flickering candles and sounds of the sea make this the most luxurious way to achieve a total sense of well-being. For an additional cost a facial can be added, this includes cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise.


Warm basalt stones are incorporated into this back, neck and shoulder massage. Combinations of warm stones and relaxing oils, help to ease tension and bring complete balance. (30 mins)


Zone Face Lift developed by Ziggie Bergman is a wonderful new way to age well naturally using Native American methods and Facial Reflexology to make you look and feel better. Reported to be the natural alternative to Botox. Please contact Sian on 07780454501 for more information


Massage of the lower legs and feet that involves various techniques. This is adapted to meet individual needs, such as increased energy, relaxation, or easing foot and leg pain.


Facial reflexology (Bergman Method) is an exciting new treatment at Crossroads Clinic with Reflexologist Sian from Fancy Footwork Reflexology. It has the same wonderful effects of foot reflexology but with the added benefits of stimulating facial muscles and nerves to improve facial tone and leave you with a healthy glow! Please contact Sian on 07780454501


REFLEXOLOGY, (What can it do? please click this box for more information)